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Discover the diversity of people!


Over 8 billion opinions, interests, attitudes to life are spread across less than 200 nations. 


What would a country be without its people?

This space is reserved for stories. How people from all over the world perceive and experience the country they live in. Step into my colourful variety of snapshots of personalities that are as unique as you and me!

On the following pages you will learn about the subjective views of individuals and not objective articles that can be applied to the whole country. Let's remember - countries are an invention of us humans. Personally I have shaken hands with many people from Austria, but never with the country itself. 

Why did I use photos of spider webs to separate the interviews? They are a symbol. Every person and every spider's web is equally important and equally valuable, but nevertheless, just like spider's webs, we are all connected differently. 


THANK YOU to all the participants who took a lot of time to tell me or write their personal stories. Without these wonderful people, my dream would have remained a dream. 


I love reading stories, and you?

To discover the interviews from people around the world, please click on a continent!

I want to apologize for the quality of my English translation. I translated the interviews with a free program from the internet and corrected it when I saw that something was obviously wrong. My knowledge after not using English for more then 10 years (I am the mom of three kids, and I stayed at home with them) lets me forget a lot of this beautiful language. But despite the language barrier, I hope you can feel my effort for this special project which I do with all my heart.  

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